SHINee ✌ family potrait

reverse f-cut

Seeing that I am rarely around the fandom (since I realize med school is pretty demanding), and I can't be on lj 24/7 and comment on all your entries too often anymore, albeit I do read check my f-list and read your entries. So...

Reverse f-cut.
Feel free to remove me from your f-list and/or t-list.

If you don't like me cluttering your f-list/t-list with random 'OMG MED SCHOOL SUCKS BIG TIME' or 'CLASS IS BORING WHAT'S UP YOU GUYS' (or anything else) or just lol, if you have any reason to remove me from your f-list/t-list.

No hard feelings. I l♥ve you all :)
SHINee ✌ family potrait

Hi~ heehee

My cousin is still being lame by cutting down the internet connection. This is unfair. Somebody please try to knock some sense into him that what he's doing isn't helping me. Uh that retard -_- now I'm always online from my phone orz

Anyway, just to let you guys know I'm still alive lolol and I'm mostly on twitter now~
so, follow me (fizzyfizz) or just drop your twitter username and I'll follow you! :D


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